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Swimsuit Confidence

How do you FEEL about being in a swimsuit? What about shopping for one?

If you hate shopping for swimwear, you're absolutely in the right place. Don't have the time?

We do!

At Sequins and Sand we're here to help you to find that swimsuit and have the unstoppable confidence to wear it. Think of us as your Cossie Concierge, at your service with all the know-how and inside info to get you what you need, fast.

With over 14 years experience and having helped 1000's of women, we've got you too.

Let's Get You Started:

Time poor? Let us do the heavy lifting! Book a Swimsuit Stylist for professional 1:1 help.

Confused. Not sure where to begin? Start with our trusty, easy to use Shape & Size Calculator!

Want to do a bit of research yourself? Watch our much loved Product Review Videos & read our
handy style and fit tips.

Finding the right swimsuit just got easier, stress free and faster than going it alone! Life's way to short for that .... nonsense.

If you can do it in a swimsuit, you can do it in anything!

Join Summer Confidence Society for free

About the Society

Belong. The Summer Confidence Society is a community of like-minded women wanting to be, to feel, more confident, swimsuit and all. To finally find THAT swimsuit & the stress out of getting summer holiday ready. Choose to be a Gold (Free) or a Platinum (Paid) member.

Gold: FREE Membership

As a 'Gold Girl' you'll receive our much loved weekly newsletters, access to the Shape Calculator, the curated Swimsuit Catalogue as well as member only Events. An online private group away from social media distractions. All in one place. So easy.

Platinum: PAID Membership

Platinum members get the Gold treatment plus! A deeper experience where you learn from experts in monthly Style, Wellness or Mindset Masterclasses , access to exclusive Events at special discounted prices. In your own private online group within the community.

Browse our free swimsuit catalogue

FREE Online Catalogue

Effortlessly browse a wide range of swimsuits from thoughtfully selected brands, no matter where you are. Use our carefully designed filters to find the perfect swimsuit to suit your shape, personal style and needs. We've even graded them by level of support! How awesome is that?
It's the perfect partner to the FREE Shape Calculator »

Calculate your body shape for free

FREE Shape Calculator

Shape before size every time girls! When you know your shape, finding the right swimsuit is so much easier. And it doesn't get any easier than using our FREE Shape Calculator. Simply put in your measurements and let the Calculator reveal your shape. Then you can shop the FREE Online Catalogue to find THAT swimsuit. Take a look »

The Sequins and Sand Way

Cossie Confidence

At Sequins & Sand we're all about empowering women, helping them to reclaim their summer style and swimsuit mojo. To live a happy summer, no holding back. If you can do it in a swimsuit, you can do it in anything, right? It's the proof that you CAN. It's the ticket to DOING so much more with those you love.

Every women is respected equally and we won't tolerate judgment. Lifting each other up with kindness and genuine care is what we're about. What the community we've created it all about.

We value SHAPE before size. Sure, size is important, but don't let it take the driver's seat. When you know your shape you'll discover what fits you best, much faster and easier. We've gathered 100's of swimsuits to suit every shape and in sizes up to a 30 and graded them so you can find yours faster!

Know your shape and the swimwear that suits it. Join our Community of wonderful women. This summer is yours for the taking. Go and claim it! Lean on us to help you get there. It would be our pleasure.

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As seen in Studio 10, Sunday Mail, The House Of Wellness, Her Business, Aus Mum Preneur As seen in Studio 10, Sunday Mail, The House Of Wellness, Her Business, Aus Mum Preneur

Meet your Swimsuit Stylist

Anita McLachlan

The Cossie Whisperer

At the helm of Sequins & Sand for over 14 years, I've helped 1000s of women find a swimsuit they feel great in. Swimsuits that fit well, that work with their shape and bring out their best. In colours and prints that look fabulous. Swimsuits that functionally, do the job too.

I know how overwhelming, frustrating and demoralising it can be shopping for a swimsuit. It's time consuming and expensive as you try over and over to get it right.

But when you do get it right, the relief, the confidence boost is forever life-changing. It flows well beyond the pool and the beach. The swimsuit symbolises that you can. It's proof that you've overcome the self-doubt. The freedom to step out an say 'This is me!'. After all, it's 'go time' girls!

Find out more about Anita’s Swimsuit Stylist Service »

"Anita is gifted...She has such an ability to read a person's physical shape and...their mindset too. For someone who might be sitting on the fence going 'Oh my God I could never do that', you totally can."

"An easy and enjoyable way to shop for a swimsuit that looks and feels great on. Anita took away the stress, overwhelm and embarrassment."

video testimionials
Sequins and Sand is Cossie Confidence

The Cossie Confidence Movement

For the past 6 years, Anita and a crew of 23 everyday women of all shapes, sizes and ages, have empowered other women to dive into their summers once more with our Cossie Confidence movement and campaigns. Showing what's possible.

The right swimsuit is out there for you. It IS possible to find. And the difference it can make is incredible. It's uplifting. It's empowering and more importantly, it will give you the confidence to get out there and do the things you love.

Don't settle for 'that'll do'. The outcome you want is 'Hello! This is me! I'm here to play.'