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Summer Oasis Blog

The Holiday Girl Blog

Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Holiday Girl blog.
Popular categories: Confidence, Travel

News From The Shop: Loved the Water but Hated My Body. Jane's Journey is our next Facebook Live. »

Getting into a swimsuit was always a torment and massive struggle. She loved the water but hated her body. Jane turned things around (and how!) and it's since become her passion to help other women and...

Summer Style: Finding THAT Swimsuit to Boost Your Cossie Confidence »

Finding THAT swimsuit can be difficult and very frustrating. And for many women, it’s a very confronting and emotional journey. This is a guide to finding yours for your shape.

News From The Shop: CAPE CAPRI- Find out more about this Brisbane Resortwear label & Sarah, its creator. »

Packing for your summer holiday means doing more with less. Versatile travel and resortwear that effortlessly sashay from day to night with the power to transform the simple to something so much more....

News From The Shop: Win a $300 Health Package : Private Pilates or Gym Consult + Swimwear! »

Look after you! Win over $300 worth of prizes from Body Smart Exercise and Physiology and Sequins and Sand to help you kick exercise regime in the gluteus maximus!

News From The Shop: Get Flawless Summer Makeup - Facebook Live! »

Join us this Thursday the 22nd Feb @ 8pm Brissie time for a fab Makeup Hacks with Marni! There is more to summer than keeping cool beyond swim and resortwear (I can't believe I just said that!). And because...

Beauty: Flawless Summer Makeup - with Marni Robinson - Makeup Artist to the Stars! »

When you've had over 15 years in the makeup artistry industry and your clients include Jennifer Hawkins, Amanda Keller, Jane Kennedy and Bob Hawke just to name a few, you obviously know your stuff, and...

News From The Shop: Beach to Brunch to Bed! New Bracewell lands and it's brilliant! »

Organic cotton relaxed vibe clothing with a finish and detail you'll absolutely love. Wear them anywhere, any time for loads of different reasons. The perfect travel dresses, shorts and tops for your next...

News From The Shop: Thrifty Thursday - Starts in February. Find out more here! »

In February 2018 Thrifty Thursday is on! It's where we mark down a few items for 2 days and then they're gone. The next Thursday we do it again with different swimwear. Here's how it it works.

News From The Shop: NEW Much Loved Project Ten Bags in Store Now! »

Project Ten bags are the bomb! So many uses, indestructible, easy to clean and in happy prints too! These Geelong based bags have been best sellers since day one and now we have MORE!

Summer Inspiration: Cossie Confidence - Kate's Story »

Kate shares her Cossie Confidence journey in the video below. A very personal, honest and heart felt story. Kate's a Sequins and Sand brand rep who said 'yes!' to being part of this shoot. Not having experienced...

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We blog about all things holiday.

Steal some inspiration for your next fabulous getaway. Get practical advice on how to look and feel your glamorous best this summer. And find and share essential tips on travel and beach style with the rest of the Sequins & Sand community.

Any time you need to get that carefree summer groove back, we'll be waiting for you!

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