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Don't let those summer days drift away. Pull up a hammock and chill for a while in the dreamy oasis that is the Blog.

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Wellness Be a Podcast Guest! »

Would you like to be a guest on Midlife Unfiltered - The Season of Me podcast? Sharing your Menopause story.

Wellness Ambiguous Loss - Grief Like No Other »

The emotions associated with Loss are BIG. And in midlife, they're very familiar. "Ambiguous Loss - Unclear loss with no documentation of permanence of the loss." Dr Pauline Boss.

Wellness NEW Podcast : Midlife Unfiltered - The Season Of Me »

Hold on to your earbuds girls, there's a NEW podcast in town! As a woman in midlife, it's right up your street. Made with love, with you in mind.

Wellness Free Menopause Resource Guide »

Become your own health advocate. Empower yourself with knowledge of what's going on in your body during your Menopause transition...because odds on, you're doctor doesn't.

Summer Style VIP's Are Back Baby! Become one here! Not sure if you are? Read on... »

VIP's are back! Your very own private space here at Sequins and Sand. A place where you can : grab a FREE Masterclass, watch & re-watch your Masterclasses, store your Shape &Size Calculator info, see your...

Wellness Have your heard about SelfKind Movement? »

We continue to explore the benefits of Movement with something quite different. Self-Kind Movement. You will love it.

Summer Style Face Shapes and The Best Hat Styles For Them »

"I can never find a hat that suits me." Are they words that you've said to yourself over the years? Hats can be tricky. Let's see if we can help you better appreciate what hat might work for you.

Summer Style The Art of Layering - Grab your FREE Layering Cheat Sheet! »

When you master the art of layering, you'll find creating outfits you love to wear super easy...and fun! Packing to go away will be a breeze. As for wearing them, you won't have to think, just do.

Style Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Shape To Boost Your Cossie Confidence »

Finding THAT swimsuit that's best for your shape can be difficult and very frustrating. And for many women, it's a very confronting and emotional journey. This is a guide to finding yours for your shape.

Wellness Never good enough? It's time to strengthen your Self-Worth »

Feeling like we are not good enough, doubting ourselves and diminishing our personal value is something we ALL feel as women in midlife. Our Self-Worth.

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