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Long Body Shape? Here Are Your Best Fitting Swimsuits Styles and Why.

Anita McLachlan - 19th July 2020

If you find it hard to stand up in most One Pieces, odds on you have a long torso. And buying swimwear that fits well is quite tricky and frustrating. Precious hours wasted. We know you don't have time for that!

But armed with the right information (from Cossie Whisperers who know 'swimsuit fit') finding a swimsuit that fits your longer body shape will be easier. Promise.

When you shop online, read about the features and details. Don't just scroll and swipe like you do on social media, the goodness is in those details.

Here's what to look for in a One Piece:
1. Ruching in the tummy area - and a little goes a long way. You don't necessarily want heaps because with your longer torso, you probably don't have a rounder tummy shape. But what those little folds of fabric do is open up and stretch with you, giving you the extra length you need for a comfortable fit.

  • Helen's go to style is the Bandeau for that reason.
  • Closely followed by the Underwire One Piece which has ruching along the torso but not as much as the Bandeau style does.

These styles are staples in our range and each season you will see them in new prints and plains. Below are a few examples of what we currently have in stock. More will be landing from late August onwards.

2. Adjustable Shoulder Straps - loosening them off will give you that little bit of extra length. And a style with heaps of flexibility to tie your own at any length like the 6 Ways to Wear one below. Maximum shoulder straps flexibility there girls!

In a Tankini:
3. Look for Longer Length Tankini Tops. Check the photos out if the measurements are not given. Does the model look like she's got your shape? In most instances, she won't. They're not all like our fabulous Helen :) So do they sit well below her hips? Imagine them shorter on you by a few centimetres and that is a pretty reliable guide too. A bit more if you are really tall.

95% of our tankini's are a longer line so you are pretty safe. If you're not 100% sure, Contact Us and we'll measure the length for you. It would take us all year to individually measure each style and size but special requests, we are more than happy to help out with :)

In a Swimdress:
The One Piece is underneath in a swimdress and most don't have ruching in the tummy area unfortunately (might have to request that from our labels). So you will need to go with adjustable strap options. All our swimdresses have adjustable straps.

As for Bikini's...the world's your oyster from a length point of view!

Shop our range of swimsuit that fits your longer body shape here! We've tagged them all so you can find them quickly and easily.

If you need more of a hand to find the right fitting swimsuit for you, we have many different ways to help you. Head over to Help page here, where all the help you need is on one page. No clicking or mucking about. Easy as.

Anita & The Girls @ Sequins and Sand

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