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7 Swimsuit Tips To Flatter A Rounder Tummy Shape

Anita McLachlan - 31st July 2020

"Everyone is staring at my belly!"

Did thoughts like that chip away at your swimsuit confidence last summer?

You're not alone. Flattering the tummy area is the most popular 'figure fix' help our customers ask us for. And after 12 years experience, it's fair to say we know a lot about how to work with this 'troublesome spot'.

Feeling good in your swimwear will mean the difference between shying away on the sidelines and really enjoying yourself with confidence each and every summer.

We're here to help lift your swimsuit confidence up and get you back in the game, with 7 tried-and-true swimsuit tips to flatter a rounder tummy shape. Let's go!

Ruching and Powermesh Work!

Ruching (when the fabric is gathered and sewn down) along the side seams of a swimsuit helps to distract and bring less attention to the lumps and bumps that make you feel self-conscious. Some swimsuits will have ruched centre panels with smooth side panels. Side panels help to bring you in and create flattering curves. Our popular Zip Up One Pieces have a ruched centre panel and smooth side panels and work a treat!

Powermesh (a mesh with a firmer weave) is also a winner. Choosing a swimsuit with a Powermesh lining around the tummy area helps to keep everything in place, comfortably.

Relax, over 80% of our One Piece Swimsuit range here at Sequins and Sand features Ruching and Powermesh.

Skim Not Cling

Soft drapes or an A-Line shape are also a gentle way to flatter the stomach area and help you to feel less self-conscious and are comfortable to wear too.

The Flouncy style One Piece with its blouse-like top and fitted bottom is a great example of this. There's also a Tankini Top version if you'd prefer a 2 piece.

Ruffles Are Your Friend

Another myth is about to be busted! Ruffles don't always add volume. It's more about the lines they create than the fullness of the shape.

Diagonal lines will always flatter as they visually lengthen. This is our #1 selling style for a rounder tummy shape, hands down - The 3 Tier Style. In both a One Piece and a Tankini Top cut. We have many in prints and plain colours. Below are links to just a few so you can get the idea.

The 3 Tier One Piece in Turquoise Snake
The 3 Tier One Piece in Costa Rica Print
The 3 Tier Tankini Top in Black
The 3 Tier Tankini Top in Navy and White Dots

Experiment with Prints and Colour

We have a lot of prints in our range and for good reason.

Prints are the masters of camouflage because eyes simply don't know where to focus next. There may be 'style rules' around wearing prints, but I say if you love it, wear it.

Odds-on you're drawn to a print because it's the right one for you. Don't underestimate the feel-good factor the right print in the right colours will do for your confidence. Go with it!

Black is often the 'go to' colour for a fuller figure shape. If wearing a black swimsuit gets you out there, then go for it. But, colour is also an option. Wearing colours that work for your personal colour palette will bring out your best and with it, your confidence will soar.

Play with colours and get to know which ones are best for you. A little lost when it comes to colours? Then we can help there too. Check out this fabulous video of Anita chatting with special guest Kristi, a stylist from Style Liberation.

Feel fab in a high waisted bikini

Rock a bikini if you want to! A bikini isn't off-limits just because you have a fuller tummy shape. Again, filling your confidence cup is what it's all about!

If you want to gently ease back into a bikini, then consider the very popular deep Frill Bikini Top. Add a supportive high waisted pant and the gap between top and bottom is only about 5cm (depending on your torso length).

Play up your top half with a gorgeous print in colours that look great on you. It draws the eye up towards your beautiful face and smile.

Consider a Swimdress if you want more coverage

A swimdress is beautifully flattering to all shapes especially if you're belly conscious. They hold you in without the cling. The One Piece under gives your tummy the support it needs whilst the 'dress' over simply falls and drapes.

It won't cling to your tummy but still have you feeling comfortably 'held in.' We've got a fabulous range of swimdress styles you can slip on and feel beach ready and confident straight away.

Short wrap skirt for those 'tummy' days

Having a 'tummy' day? A short wrap skirt is easy to throw on over your swimmers if you're feeling a little more self-conscious. We all have those days!

This Short Mesh Tie Wrap Skirt in White coordinates beautifully with swimsuits in a range of prints and colours. Easy to keep in your bag and whip out when needed.

We hope these tips help you choose swimwear that moves you from tummy conscious to tummy confident! Life's too short to sit on the sidelines and not make those memories with family and friends. Here's to your Summer Confidence - your Swimsuit Confidence.

If you need a hand to find the right fitting swimsuit for you, we have many different ways to help you. Head over to Help page here, where all the help you need is on one page. No clicking or mucking about. Easy as.

Anita & The Girls @ Sequins and Sand

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