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Isle of Mine

Isle of Mine

Easy, Effortless, Natural.

The beautiful resort-style collection from Isle of Mine embraces natural beauty through relaxed shapes, casual tops, dresses and pants. Simply beautiful, Isle of Mine radiates purity and easy living.

Through a distinctive neutral colour palette and softly tailored designs, Isle of Mine manages to make every wearer feel beautiful in their own skin.

Dreamy and artfully undone, their stunning collection manages to embody all that we love about summer - natural surroundings, laid-back beach walks, casual days out with family and friends, and that graceful and unfussy ease that is unattainable at any other time of year.

Isle of Mine is effortless fashion that is for all body shapes and sizes. Earthy tones and soft warm colours are their trademark, and the result is simply beautiful.

It's also the sister label to the very popular and clever Eb&Ive lifestyle label - another great Australian success story.

Feel stunning and feel you. Isle of Mine is for being who you want to be.... naturally.
Proudly online at Sequins and Sand. Buy it here.


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