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Project Ten

Project Ten

How familiar is this? "I started working on the idea in January 2012, when I was struggling to carry all of the stuff a family needs for a day at the beach. I wanted a giant bag that could hold everything, but not weigh much itself (and be stylish at the same time)." Then Project Ten was born. Born from a simple desire and need. To put a little sass back into the basic bag.
It was Jacqui's 10th business idea and this time, she's onto a winner.

We first saw these bags whilst on holiday and they immediately caught our attention. Light, packable, virtually indestructible and above all else fun and stylish! Something stylish and simple to put wet cossies in has been an eternal search for us at S&S and it had to be really well priced too. Bingo! Thank goodness for you Jacqui and her fab bags.

Extra large totes - to shove all the family's towels and stuff in for a day at the beach. There's even a little zip up pocket inside for all your precious little bits and pieces. AND there's 2 sets of handles so you can throw it over your shoulders or carry it in your hands or elbow. She's thought of everything!

Medium Sized tots - just like the bigger cousin but for 2.
Wet Cossie Cluth - well, that's what we lovingly call them because we think that's what they're absolutely perfect for..and such a rare find! Jacqui calls them a Zip Pouch Clutch which sounds far more sophisticated :)

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, she's based in Geelong and is a Cats supporter! Love your work Jacqui!

Dive in and get your glam on girls. It won't cost a bomb and you'll be so glad that you did.

Anita & The Girls.
@ Sequins and Sand

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