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Find Your Fit Service

Womens' swimwear in Brisbane and across Australia! Yes you can find your perfect fit. Plus size or not. Promise. After selling swimwear online for more than 8 years we’ve learned a thing or two. We receive emails and calls from women of all shapes, sizes and ages, desperate to find a swimsuit that will work for them.

Here's how we can help you:

Short Questionnaire

Just answer the questions in the form below. We’ll get back to you with suggestions for the right swimsuit for you. The same goes for clothes.

By Appointment Fitting Service

Live in or near Brisbane? We are now offering Free Swimsuit fittings in our new showroom-shop located at 60 Frasers Road, Ashgrove (next to Famished cafe). Look for the red doors!

Studio hours are 9:30-3pm Monday - Saturday. Appointments can be made during these times and out of hours if you can't make it then.

Book online or contact us

Theresa recently had a Swimsuit Fitting at our Brisbane HQ. Here's what she posted about it on our Facebook page:

"Thank you Anita, for all the excitement I have for this long awaited holiday I have the same amount of trepidation with the thought of beach time with
family, wearing swimwear in public & not having the 'perfect beach bod' so the thought of having to buy swimwear was making me physically sick. I'm so glad I made the effort to come & meet you, put my insecurities aside & try on a range of styles and colours. With your unconditional assistance &
encouragement I found the perfect piece. Bonus - it was a size smaller than what I'd first ordered, I felt beautiful in it, I felt excited & comfortable to be around family in it & it was on sale which left enough money to also purchase a beautiful kaftan to wear over my new cosie . . . I'll definitely not look elsewhere for my swimwear from now on & will be recommending Anita & Sequin & Sand to all & sundry 😃😃 bring on our holiday 😃🙏🏻"

We'll take the time to find that cossie you've been wishing you could find for so long. And remember, we'll back this up with our Free Returns policy where you send them back and we pay for the postage. We’re more than happy to swap away until you get what makes you feel fabulous.
Here’s to your best summer yet! Get cossie confident once more :)

Anita & The Girls @
Sequins and Sand


**At Sequins & Sand, we totally respect your privacy rights and the information collected about you. We won't share, pass on or sell any of your personal details with anyone. Here is a link to our Privacy policy if you'd like to find out more.**

Contact Details
What I'm shopping for

Let’s Measure Up!

It’s the best way to work out your Size and Shape; the foundations of a finding the right fit.


Tips when measuring:

  • Have minimal clothing on
  • Measure at the fullest part of your bust and hips and the narrowest for your waist.
  • Measure firmly and level

Bits & Pieces!

Our bodies are a work in progress, ever changing for so many reasons other than gravitational pull. It helps to know about the bits you love and those that you’re not so fond of any more. But every day, your body does amazing things. Please don’t ever forget that ☺

Bits & Pieces

My body serves me well, but I've fallen out of love with my...

I'd prefer to not show too much of my...

It's important that I have good support for my bust

And for my belly


What you plan on doing in your cossies helps us to understand things like fabric and a suitable cut. Tick the one that best describes you. You can choose more than one if you like.


Water Workout Warrior - I'm in the pool all the time for exercise, rehab and/or fun.

Pool Princess - I like to relax by the pool and take the occasional dip when it gets a bit hot. My summer read is my best friend and the occasional mojito or mocktail is in reach.

Beach Babe - Relaxing on the beach is my happy place. I love walks on the sand and to frollick in the white wash. I might duck dive in the waves every now and then.

Mum On The Run - I remember the days when I could lie on the beach with a book and read uninterrupted for hours. Now, it's swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, frisbees at 50 paces, beach cricket and kicking the footy around too.

Colours and Prints. The fun stuff!

Choose as many as you like, but sometimes less is more.

Colours & Prints

Colours I love to wear:

Colours I shy away from:


Swimwear Style

Swimwear Style

Styles I like:

Budget. That dirty word.


I'm happy to spend:

And we’re done! Just one more step below to go and we’ll start beavering away to Find Your Fit. We’ll let you know via your preferred contact method.

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