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Find Your Fit Service

Hello and welcome to the Sequins and Sand - Find Your Fit Service!

I'm Anita, the founder and owner of Sequins and Sand. It's lovely to e-meet you!
For over 9 years now, we've been helping women find THAT swimsuit when they thought it almost impossible. Helping them to restore their self-confidence enough to step out onto the beach and dive into the pool, making happy memories with family and friends. Getting back into hydrotherapy for wellness and swimming again. We help women online, all over Australia and Internationally! Yes, you can find your perfect fit, plus size or not.

Odds on you're here because you find shopping for swimwear difficult. Not supportive enough for your bust and/or belly. The legs are always too loose? You're long in the body and can't stand up comfortably in a one piece. Tankini's ride up over your butt. Buying swimwear online, well that's something you NEVER thought you'd do. But...maybe you can and maybe it's time.

Maybe it's been a while since you've put a swimsuit on and you have a really good reason to now. Maybe the one you have is looking a bit worse for wear and it's time to get a new one. Your body has changed and what you have no longer fits - menopause, having a baby, surgery, illness. The list is endless. Your story, very familiar.

There are 100's of reasons to get into a swimsuit and there are 100's of reasons not to. We've heard them all over the last 9 years and have made it our heart-felt mission to solve that problem with you. Finding THAT swimsuit that you actually feel great in, IS possible. And once you do, living a wonderful summer, making great memories with family and friends happens.

We have been fitting swimsuits on women both online and in more recent years, in studio. We've learned heaps along the way and want to give you the closest experience to being fitted in person as we possibly can, online. Like having your very own Virtual Fitting Room. Help to initially find a swimsuit you THINK is going to fit well is a very important start. But knowing that actually DOES is the goal. It might need an alteration to get the fit just right. Swaps for a different style or size might be needed. Annoying to get right? It can be. But with the right advice, that frustration fades away. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely! Can we help you with that? Yes! That's why we're here. And it would be our pleasure.

Online has its advantages:

  • You can do it at a time that suits you
  • From the comfort of your own home
  • Location isn't a barrier - (the strength of your internet signal is)
  • It's private and
  • You get us, your Swimsuit Stylist all to yourself - personalised help from experts who genuinely care and know their stuff!

The biggest enemy is Time. It takes time to get it right. So give yourself at least a week, let us help you and the rest will fall into place.

Just as we are all different in shape and size, the help that's needed to find THAT swimsuit, we know, is different too. That's why we offer different levels of assistance to suit the help you need.

We've got 3 ways to help you find THAT swimsuit and you don't have to leave home to do it:

Find Your Fit - Short Questionnaire

Just answer the questions in the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with and email. In that email are suggestions for the right swimsuit for you.

100's of women have taken the Find Your Fit questionnaire over the
years. And they get results with 90% going on to buy THAT swimsuit and
loving it!

Your Virtual Fitting Room - Live Video Swimsuit Style Sessions!

NEW! You can now book in for a Swimsuit Style Session to get expert advice via live streaming video to help you understand the best swimsuits for your shape and needs. It's like being in your very own virtual fitting room with us!

Silver Service:
This is a 40 minute 1:1 personal fitting service where one of our expert swimsuit stylists and you work through the best swimsuit styles for your shape and needs. You will walk away with workable options that will boost your swimsuit confidence and have you ready to take on the beach and pool again. The session can be recorded for your future reference too.

Cost: $89 for the 40 mins Silver Service Swimsuit Style session.

Rebate: If you purchase swimwear from Sequins and Sand within 7 days from this Swimsuit Style Session, the fee will be deducted off the cost of your swimsuit purchase. We will organise a voucher code for you to use during the session.

Gold Class:
This Swimsuit Style Session is actually 2 sessions for the 1 price. The Silver Service 40 minute video style session + a follow up 20 minute video Swimsuit Fit Check (with your swimwear on). The session can be recorded for your future reference too.
This is a great way to ensure you get the perfect fitting swimsuit if things are not quite right. We will chat about options such as alterations that can be done and alternative designs or sizes that will offer the best fit, or you money back!

Rebate: If you purchase swimwear from Sequins and
within 7 days from this Swimsuit Style Session, the fee will be
deducted off the cost of your swimsuit purchase. We will organise a
voucher code for you to use during the session.

Guarantee: If you are not happy with your swimsuit fit after this Gold Class Swimsuit Style session and return your purchase, we will refund you the cost of the swimwear and the Gold Class session in full. No problem at all. We pride ourselves on working hard to get it right and will put our money where our promise is.

Cost: $119
Click here to book a Gold Class Swimsuit Style Session (Initial 40 mins + follow up 20 mins Fit Check) with one of our expert swimsuit stylists now!

We look forward to helping you and chatting via video soon.
Getting THAT swimsuit is possible. Promise.

Founder: Sequins and Sand +

Theresa recently got help to find THAT swimsuit. Here's what she posted about it on our Facebook page:

"Thank you Anita, for all the excitement I have for this long awaited holiday I have the same amount of trepidation with the thought of beach time with
family, wearing swimwear in public & not having the 'perfect beach bod' so the thought of having to buy swimwear was making me physically sick. I'm so glad I made the effort, to put my insecurities aside & try on styles and colours. With your unconditional assistance &
encouragement I found the perfect piece. Bonus - it was a size smaller than what I'd first ordered, I felt beautiful in it, I felt excited & comfortable to be around family in it & it was on sale which left enough money to also purchase a beautiful kaftan to wear over my new cosie . . . I'll definitely not look elsewhere for my swimwear from now on & will be recommending Anita & Sequins & Sand to all & sundry 😃😃 bring on our holiday 😃🙏🏻"

We'll take the time to find that cossie you've been wishing you could find for so long. And remember, we'll back this up with our Free Returns policy where you send them back and we pay for the postage. We’re more than happy to swap away until you get what makes you feel fabulous.
Here’s to your best summer yet! Get cossie confident once more :)

Founder: Sequins and Sand +


**At Sequins & Sand, we totally respect your privacy rights and the information collected about you. We won't share, pass on or sell any of your personal details with anyone. Here is a link to our Privacy policy if you'd like to find out more.**

Contact Details
What I'm shopping for

Let’s Measure Up!

It’s the best way to work out your Size and Shape; the foundations of a finding the right fit.


Tips when measuring:

  • Have minimal clothing on
  • Measure at the fullest part of your bust and hips and the narrowest for your waist.
  • Measure firmly and level

Bits & Pieces!

Our bodies are a work in progress, ever changing for so many reasons other than gravitational pull. It helps to know about the bits you love and those that you’re not so fond of any more. But every day, your body does amazing things. Please don’t ever forget that ☺

Bits & Pieces

My body serves me well, but I've fallen out of love with my...

I'd prefer to not show too much of my...

It's important that I have good support for my bust

And for my belly


What you plan on doing in your cossies helps us to understand things like fabric and a suitable cut. Tick the one that best describes you. You can choose more than one if you like.


Water Workout Warrior - I'm in the pool all the time for exercise, rehab and/or fun.

Pool Princess - I like to relax by the pool and take the occasional dip when it gets a bit hot. My summer read is my best friend and the occasional mojito or mocktail is in reach.

Beach Babe - Relaxing on the beach is my happy place. I love walks on the sand and to frollick in the white wash. I might duck dive in the waves every now and then.

Mum On The Run - I remember the days when I could lie on the beach with a book and read uninterrupted for hours. Now, it's swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, frisbees at 50 paces, beach cricket and kicking the footy around too.

Colours and Prints. The fun stuff!

Choose as many as you like, but sometimes less is more.

Colours & Prints

Colours I love to wear:

Colours I shy away from:


Swimwear Style

Swimwear Style

Styles I like:

Budget. That dirty word.


I'm happy to spend:

And we’re done! Just one more step below to go and we’ll start beavering away to Find Your Fit. We’ll let you know via your preferred contact method.

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