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Thoughtful Mastectomy Bathers and How to Find The Right Option

Anita McLachlan - 21st February 2021

You've been through an enormously challenging time and you're wanting to get back into life more, doing the things you love. Swimming in the pool, in the ocean, hydrotherapy, swimming lessons with the kids, playing with the grand children. But finding THAT swimsuit with pockets house your bust prosthesis (es) and suit your size and shape is your next hurdle. Here's how we can help.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer will now affect 1 in 7 women in Australia with over 200,000 living with this horrid disease. The overall five year survival rate is now 91% and 96% if the cancer is confined to the breast. That's up from 75% in 1987-1991. Hope is on the rise.

What features should Mastectomy Bathers have to make them suitable?

  • Bust Pockets - it needs to house your bust prosthesis (es)
  • Supportive - both natural breast and prosthesis
  • Comfortable - soft fabric that will not irritate skin
  • Coverage - to hide scars and sensitive skin areas - UPF50+ (sun safer) even better
  • Fit - your shape and size needs; including plus sizes

Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'no sh*t Sherlock' but in my experience, finding cossies that are actually suitable, that ticks all those boxes is easier said than done.

Some that are marketed as being Mastectomy options fall short, mainly in the bust pocket area. The openings are so small you wouldn't be able to physically get a prosthesis in!

We've weeded those out and passed on our feedback to their makers.

The cossies that are listed in our Mastectomy section are those we feel tick most of those boxes understanding that not every one will be looking for each of these things (more on that later when I talk underwires). Here's where you'll find them all at Sequins and Sand - One Pieces, Tankini's, Swimdresses, Rashies and a Bikini Top.

You can also easily find them by typing 'Mastectomy' in the Search feature of the website - top left hand corner.

Find The Style and Size to Suit You Click 'Fitting and Packing Help' (also top left) to enter The Change Room. There you'll find a Size Calculator to help you do just that. I also show you how to do that in the Review I did recently.

Book in to have a Virtual Fitting. The details are in The Change Room.

Mastectomy Swimsuit Review on Video.
In Friday's Lunchtime Live just gone, I showcased most of the styles we have here at Sequins and Sand. Catch the recording here. It's handy not only to see them all at once, but to go back to later on to take another look. They will always stay in the Lunchtime Live Playlist.

Still not sure and need a little more help.

Beyond all of this, if there is there something you're looking for that you can't find with us or elsewhere, email me at and let me know. I'll do my best to hunt it down.

I hope all this helps you find the right cossie for you if you've had a mastectomy. Maybe you have a friend or relative who might find it helpful. Please forward it on to them.

Thanks for being here. All the very best.

Anita xx

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