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When you wear an Anokhi kaftan, summer dress or sarong, you're not just wrapping yourself in the most elegant and exotic of fabrics, you're slipping into 4000 years of artistic tradition.

Of all the brands we stock at Sequins and Sand, none has a story like Anokhi. Not only has this unique brand helped to resurrect the ancient art of hand block printing in India, it's done so while supporting rural communities and creating some of the most beautiful and exotic garments known to woman.

The tradition of hand block printing in India goes back over 4000 years. It's a laborious and demandingly precise process. Natural dyes are mixed just-so, then layered in exact amounts of colour in just the right place, over and over, to transform a blank sheet of fabric into a work of colourful brilliance.

Fast forward to the 1960's, and this ancient art was on the brink of extinction. With the onslaught of mechanisation and mass production of prints, the demand for hand block printing had significantly declined.

Then Faith Hardy stepped in, and Anokhi was born.

All cottons in Anokhi's range are organic, as are the vegetable dyes that create those beautiful patterns. Clothing ranges include kaftans, tunics, dresses, tops, pants, jackets and more. They also make stunning table and bed linens.

Anokhi, proudly online at Sequins and Sand

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