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5 Brilliant Black Swimsuits For Your Shape

Anita McLachlan - 11th April 2021

Inspired by AC/DC? Hmmmm kind of. In the land of swimwear it's more like CD, E, F and G. We're talking cup sizes girls and these brilliant black swimsuits to suit every shape. We are indeed Back In Black!

We know you love your black bathers. AND we get it. You're all different. Different sizes and shapes, seeking different levels of coverage and support, to feel more confident in your swimmers.

Here are 5 new black swimsuit styles, in plus sizes too, thoughtfully hand picked by us to ensure different shapes and needs are catered for. One pieces, Swimdresses and Tankini Tops. Let's take a closer look. I'll talk you through each style and explain WHY they work for each shape. If you'd rather watch than read, then here is a link to our recent Lunchtime Live on Facebook where I do just that.

I'm a big believer in 'teaching you how to fish' instead of just 'selling you the fish'. You know what I mean :)

Smaller Up Top than About the Hips?
Then you're commonly referred to as having a Pear or Triangle Shape - A Hippie Chick :)

The Delacroix range from Artesands is your best friend in our black togs options. Why? Because of:

  • the triangle shaped cups
  • the twist feature under the bust

This helps to keep the attention up and with less fabric to engulf your bust, it shows it in a flattering way. The twist detail is an added bonus, adding the detail to visually add oomph, thoughtfully.

The Delacroix Tankini Top has ruching along the side seams too. This helps to flatter the belly offering camouflaged coverage. It has a slightly shorter length than other options so it should sit at the right point on you too - above the widest part of your hips.

Team it with our best selling Swimshort from Artesands (it has a built in pant) or a high waisted pant. In my opinion, you either bring the leg up a little or have them finish below the widest part of your hips. Find them all here.

The Delacroix Swimdress has the exact same top features as the Tankini Top with the added benefit of a supportive onepiece under (yes, with powermesh to comfortably bring you in and support you another 1/2 size) and a generous 'skirt' that falls from under the bust. No cling about the hips with this cute as swimdress girls. So flattering.

There is a back order on other sizes with with this swimdress girls, so if you love it, send us an email and here with the subject 'Back Order' and we'll let you know when it comes in. Just a 22 in stock right now. Stocks are limited in these Covid times and deliveries, delayed and sporadic.

Do you have an F/G Cup Bust with your Wider Hip shape? then the new Sweatheart Underwire swimdress from Genevieve could be the answer for your cossie confidence.

  • deeper cups for great coverage
  • underwire
  • bra style clip at the back (inside) with 3 positions so you can bring it in as much or as little as you need to get that extra firm feeling
  • wide straps to carry the load without digging in AND offering more coverage near the arm where 'spillage' is often a problem
  • flattering sweetheart neckline
  • scooped back that sits just about the bra line - offers more bust support from the side
  • firm one piece under with powermesh front
  • generous 'skirt' over that falls from under the bust - no cling with this one either girls.
  • amazing textured fabric - thicker than most
  • textured fabric helps with the 'camouflage factor'
  • CRES - pool tough fabric so if you are in the pool often, this one will outlast most others made from regular swimsuit fabric

Phew! What an impressive list. Time to take a rest!

Rectangle or Hourglass Shape?
If you have a C-DD cup bust (maybe a B) the Botticelli Onepiece is for you. AND if you are belly conscious too then look no further than this onepiece. The textured fabric is beautiful. Texture does a similar thing as print, it helps to 'disguise' and camouflage those lumps and bumps that many of you are concerned about.

Why it works on these shapes:

  • the side panels help to accentuate the waist. great if you are an hourglass and want to accentuate yours. Brilliant if you want to visually create one if you're a straight through rectangle shaped girl.

In addition to this, for a B-DD cup, the sweet-heart neckline is super flattering and the tummy ruching gives extra support and helps takes away the pain of 'I don't like my belly in a swimsuit'.

Bigger Up Top Than About The Hips?
F&G cup girls listen up! Raphael is your cossie. The Raphael Tankini Top with its super supportive bust cups will give your girls the coverage and lift they need. How?

  • deep cups - more fabric to cover your bust
  • An extra 'internal bra clip' with 3 size fittings, you can bring it in as much or as little as you need to suit your back width.
  • high scooped back - offering great side boob coverage and added support
  • flattering scooped front neckline
  • paneled with a ruched centre panel - to help with belly support and coverage
  • 360 degree powermesh lining
  • wide, adjustable straps - tighten them up girls for even more support and a look that is far more flattering than having them 'on' your tummy

Again, an exhaustive list of why it's a great tankini for a larger bust.

There's bound to be a style made for your shape. If you need an extra helping hand, we'd love to help. It's what we do best. There are different ways we can help you depending on your needs. Find them all here in The Change Room.

To your summer confidence - your #cossieconfidence

Founder + Director - Sequins and Sand | The Summer Confidence Society

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