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Chlorine Resistant For Hydrotherapy Too

Are you in the pool often for hydrotherapy? Aqua aerobics? Or maybe you have a pool at home and love to swim often? Then it really makes sense to invest in high quality chlorine resistant swimsuits. This type of fabric is made to last longer in chlorinated environments (but unfortunately not spas ... nothing is made to withstand spas!)

Look for bathers that are made from chlorine tough fabric if you do hydrotherapy, lap swimming or pool workouts. These styles offer more coverage and support so you can be active with confidence and if you've had a mastectomy, many of our styles that are chlorine resistant (CRES) have pockets sewn in for your prostheses.

Don't forget that even if you buy a CRES swimsuit, you still need to look after it. Just because they're made of CRES fabric doesn't mean you should leave them in your swim bag all day long! As soon as you take them off, rinse them in cool water until the chlorine smell goes. That may take a few goes but it's worth it in the long run. Then when you get home, do it again with a little gentle soap or detergent that you'd be happy to put on your plants. Dry them flat in the shade. Don't put them in the washing machine!

Remember, heat destroys Lycra. So, no spas in togs that you love and want to wear again and again. Buy a cheap pair for the spa and keep your good togs for the pool and beach!

Happy water work outs girls!
Anita & The Girls.

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